Tuesday, March 30, 2010

November 2009 - US

We went to the US towards the end of November. Here is a photo dump!

We drove down to NC to see our friends. We went to one of our old favorite playgrounds in Cary.

Tipton and Lilli on the slide.

We went for a walk along the greenway near the park. Tipton and Lilli pose amongst the leaves.

We had dinner with the Killmeyers. Mark taught Tipton how to play Stratego.

The annual kid picture on the stairs. Lilli was really tired by this point. From the back left: Leanne, Lilli, Karen, Mark, Tipton.

Jenn & Amy - the last minute "Wait! We didn't a picture of the two of us!" photo.

We hung out with the Davis's as much as possible while we were in NC. Rowan and Tipton playing Wii.

Lilli dressing up in a wig. (Just a moments earlier Niall was wearing the wig.)

Silly kid picture on the couch: Niall, Lilli, Tipton, Rowan.

Cute kid picture on the couch. Same order.

Jenn & Milli

Back in VA. Went to lunch with Elvira & Keith and Tierny, Gus & Alessandra at the Cactus Cantina.

Tipton sneaks in a few snuggles with Mommy.

After lunch we walked to a nearby park.

Jenn, Elvira & Tierney.

Elvira and Keith stayed a few days with us at Dave's parent's house.

Jenn & Elvira.

Thanksgiving! Cynthie snacks on apples while Lilli colors.

Kay in the kitchen.

And here we go back to the beginning of the month... Pictures from two different cameras. They sort separately in the file. Sorry for the confusion...

Lilli wearing Tipton's Annikan Skywalker Lego Minifigure halloween costume.

NC: We had dinner with CJ - Tipton's best friend from preschool.

CJ & Tipton

NC: Lilli & Tipton going down one of the slides at the playground in Cary.

Rowan tries on the viking hat we brought him (complete with beard.)

Lilli and Niall. Niall is wearing the viking hat that we brought for him.

Keith and Elvira at the Three Little Pigs restaurant. Mmmmmmm - pork bbq!

Jack and Tipton goofing off in Papa's chair.

Tipton and Uncle John playing Wii tennis.

A rare photo of Jenn & Dave together!

We were playing Phase 10. Everyone kept skipping Todd. Todd created this helpful sign so that we'd know who to skip.

Our Thankful Tree. (Photo by Lilli)

Tipton and Jack.

We wanted to get a family picture on Thanksgiving, but we forgot until John was trying to get out the door with the boys.

Bailey with Truman, Todd with Cameron, Cynthie, John, Lydia with Jack, Dave, George, Jenn (Kay was taking the photo. Donna and Ladd had already left.)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

October 2009

We took Kay and George over to Copenhagen while they were here. Took them on a canal boat cruise. They said they really enjoyed it, but they probably would have enjoyed it a little more if it weren't so cold...

Tipton and Dave on the train on the way to Copenhagen.

George & Kay waiting for the canal boat tour.

Dave and his dad went out one day to play around with Dave's new camera. Here are some of the results...

View from the end of our street (towards the left) of the wind farm just off shore.

View from the end of our street (towards the right) of the Oresund Bridge.

The Turning Torso in west harbor in Malmö - the tallest building in all of Scandanavia.

George in front of the Turning Torso.

The Turning Torso looks different from every angle. Pretty freaky. Pretty cool, too.

There were great piles of what we thought were potatoes, but what we now think were sugar beets, all over the place out where we live. Huge, giant piles. Everywhere.

Picking out pumpkins.

Pumpkins carved & decorated.

Tipton's class at school has gotten too big to invite all of them over for a Halloween party. So this year he just chose a few close friends to invite over. It was fun making the food for the party. My favorite? Jello worms.

Jenn eating a jello worm. Mmmmmmmmmmm - they slide right down!

Our house has several doors that lead to the outside. So we stationed a grownup at each door and had the children run around the house, stopping at each door, to trick-or-treat. They loved it!

Lilli helped me bake cookies for the halloween party. Lilli loves to help, and loves to bake.

Tipton was Annikan Skywalker, Lego Mini-figure for Halloween. Lilli was Skeleton Girl. I made Tipton's costume. He and Lilli helped me to paint the box black. Sadly, I did not have time to make him a cape.

The gang: Cowgirl (Natalie), Skeleton girl (Lilli), Ninja (Rouven), Annikan Skywalker Lego Mini-figure (Tipton), Dracula (Henrik), Ninja (Ryan.)

Close up shot of the jello worms. At one point we had the kids convinced that they were REAL worms!

Left: Mini Mummies. Right: Potato ghosts.

October was a fun month!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

September 2009

September was an exciting month for us. Dave's parents FINALLY made it over to Sweden to visit us!!

On their first day, we had them walk down to the end of our street. Tipton and Lilli were very excited to have Grama Kay and Papa visiting and were eager to show them the end of the street.

Lilli stopped along the way to pick a dandylion.

Here's the view from the end of our street. That is the Oresund bridge in the distance.

This is another view (looking the other direction.) That's the wind farm just off the coast.

Jenn, Lilli, Tipton & Grama Kay walking along the pedestrian street in downtown Malmö.

Dave got a new camera for his birthday. He went walking around downtown with his dad trying out his new toy. He took a picture of one of the bike parking areas near the central train station. Bikes are very popular in Sweden.

Grama Kay takes a break from helping Mommy in the kitchen to read a book to Lilli & Tipton. She's not enjoying herself or anything.

View from the end of our street at sunset.

The pheasant that lives in our neighborhood. Seems we've got lots of tasty bugs in our yard.

A rare picture of Jenn & the kids (usually she's on the other end of the camera.)

We took Kay & George to the Apple Festival in Kivik. This year's giant apple picture:

George & Kay enjoying a lovely fall day in Skåne at the Kivik apple festival.

George taking pictures, what he spent most of his time doing.

An apple hamburger!

Buying apple donuts (äpplemunkar) on our way back to the car. Mmmmmmmmm!

Dave with Tipton and Lilli on his birthday.

Tipton and Papa playing Legos.

Lilli reading a book to Papa.

She's got such wonderful facial expressions.

Tipton lost a tooth! Technically it was the second tooth to come out, but the first one had to be removed by the dentist. So this was the first one to come out 'on it's own.'